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Adriane Musgrave

Experienced, Dedicated & Ready to Serve

Adriane will fight for policies that increase access to economic opportunity for everyone in Cambridge. She will champion smart zoning and development, as well as advocate for high-quality city services and investing in city infrastructure. She is committed to public service, and has the experience, personal tenacity, and compassionate outlook that Cambridge needs to be a leader in the new urban movement for inclusive prosperity. 

Top-ranked new candidate endorsed by A Better Cambridge for smart-growth policies.

Most promising new candidate endorsed by StreetsPac MASS and supported by the Cambridge Bicycle Safety Group for safe roads, sidewalks, and plazas.

Committed to Public Service

Adriane is committed to public service, having started her career working for then-Senator John Kerry in his Washington, D.C. office where she focused on veterans issues as an intern. Earlier this year, Adriane left her job to run full-time for city council. She's in this for the long-haul, and is ready to serve Cambridge residents across the city. 

Fighting Poverty & Inequality

Adriane serves on the executive board of Interise, a national nonprofit that tackles poverty and inequality by helping small businesses grow. The World Bank calls it a top 25 "must-see" program. Interise works in over 85 communities across the country and has helped 6,000+ small businesses grow, creating jobs at 5x the annual rate of the private sector. About 65% of the businesses are minority-owned or located in a low-resource community. Just recently, Adriane took the lead in helping the organization draft a new strategic plan. 

Experienced, Data-Driven Leader

Adriane is an experienced management consultant to the Fortune 500 who knows the importance of using both data and community engagement to address our city's complex issues. She is a diligent and fast learner capable of handling the wide-ranging issues that come before our City Council. She also knows the power of large companies and, as a member of the Alliance for Business Leadership, believes our business community should help advance the progressive policies that will help everyone thrive. 

Devoted to Cambridge with Family Roots

Adriane has lived in Cambridge for nearly 10 years and the Boston area for 15+ years. She and her husband Brian were married last year and plan to send their children to our public schools. 

Fun Fact: Adriane's grandparents also started their married life in Cambridge when her grandfather studied at EDS to become an Episcopalian priest. 

Higher Education Trailblazer

Adriane launched the Global Operations and Strategy group at Boston University. She helped the University define its place in the world, increase the connections and support for international students on campus, and ensure that students, faculty, and staff were supported while learning, doing research, or engaging in service projects in more than 90 countries. Successfully launching a new department at one of the largest universities in the U.S. required Adriane to build strong collaborations across campus, listen to a diverse set of needs and concerns, be respectful of differences, and find creative ways to work across siloed departments. 

Athlete & Outdoor Enthusiast

Adriane is always up for a physical challenge. She played D1 soccer at BU and today spends her free time cycling country roads, running along the Charles, hiking mountains, and trying to play more tennis. She reads voraciously, shoots documentary photography, and loves going to plays - especially at the A.R.T.! 

She has a B.A. in international relations and earned her MBA while working full-time - both from Boston University. She originally hails from South Florida.